Multifamily Wiring

Multifamily wiring refers to electrical wiring services in buildings with many different dwelling units, including common examples like condo buildings, townhomes, hotels and retirement communities. There are many unique factors that must be kept in mind during these types of projects, and our team focuses on reliable power supplies throughout a facility and perfect installations.

Some of our top priorities with multifamily wiring projects include the following:

  • Consistent Sustainability And Operation: Regulatory codes and tech improvements are changing all the time with multifamily dwellings, so we’ll be sure that your electrical system is durable and will accommodate your future needs.
  • Proper Wire Length: Improper wire lengths can lead to fire hazards and short circuits, which is why we’ll always abide by the American Wire Gauge (AWG) system. This system helps us determine how much electrical current any particular wire can handle.
  • Bonding And Grounding: This is a safety precaution that protects people from electric shock, and these types of electrical services should always be conducted by our team of expert electricians for you own safety.
  • Balancing Loads: When a property’s circuits are overloaded, it can lead to frequently tripped circuit breakers. These electrical issues are many times caused by high-wattage items that are found all throughout multifamily complexes, so we’ll be sure to install an adequate amount of outlets so that your building can spread out its overall electrical usage.
  • Surge Protection: Electrical work of any kind is always a significant investment for any multifamily building, and surge protectors are one of the most effective defenses against all sorts of potential surges. Our team will ensure that your surge protection devices are appropriate for your specific property.
  • Ingress Protection: Many components of electrical systems are exposed to environmental degradation like condensation and accidental spills, and ingress protection will help protect the overall lifespan of your electrical system’s functionality.


Other Services

Security System Install

Your property’s security system is of course extremely important, which is why it’s crucial to put these installation processes in the hands of experienced electrical specialists. Our team will help you upgrade your security system and make sure it entails some of the cutting-edge technology that’s very popular today.

Lighting Upgrades

We support our clients with all sorts of different lighting upgrades. We’ll help you install layered lighting (ambient, accent, task lighting), energy efficient lighting, smart lighting, dimmers, replacement lampshades and much more. Whether you’re remodeling your property or just making a few minor upgrades, improving the overall lighting of your home can always be beneficial.

Fan Install

Fan installations should never be a DIY project, because there are so many intricate details that go into these types of installation services. Our electrical specialists will ensure that your new ceiling fan looks and functions perfectly for many years to come!

Commercial Wiring

Commercial wiring requirements are very different as compared to residential properties, which is why your commercial property will require expert services to ensure proper installation and security measures. We’ll ensure that the wire material and protective tubing is 100% adequate for your unique needs, that your wiring is easily accessible, that your load capacity and phase design works for your electrical demand, and that your commercial wires are effectively insulated and resistant to heat and corrosion damage.