We proudly offer Home and Light commercial inspection

  • $400 Home inspection
  • $500 Light commercial

This service is available pre-sale for the owner and the buyer, as well as also post-sale for the buyer

Every property owner needs to feel safe on a daily basis, and our team remains committed to providing our clients with the latest advancements in home security through our security system installation services.

We’ll be sure to provide your home with whatever you need to feel protected, and our team will always conduct these installation services quickly and efficiently. You and your family’s safety is our top priority with all of our services, and our state-of-the-art security systems will provide you with the peace of mind that you need to feel protected!

Brightening up your home isn’t the only benefit of our lighting upgrade services, because there are countless instances in which upgrading your lighting can help you save a lot of money on your monthly bills.

We can support you with many different types of lighting upgrades, including layered lighting that helps you highlight specific areas of your home. Some common examples of layered lighting include ambient, accent and task lighting.

We’re also specialists when it comes to installing energy efficient and smart lighting fixtures, which includes upgrades to CFL or LED bulbs. Smart bulbs will connect your entire home’s network with your Web connection, which means you’ll be able to control your home’s lighting through your phone. You’ll also have many advanced features with smart lighting, including color-changing bulbs.

We also help countless homeowners with dimmer installations, which always goes a long way towards controlling the brightness levels throughout your home.

Although a lot of people think that they can install their ceiling fans themselves as a form of DIY home improvement project, this is always ill-advised. Fan installations entail many intricate details, particularly when a fixture doesn’t currently exist in the location where you want your ceiling fan.

Our team of expert electricians will help you ensure that every detail is accounted for as we install a new ceiling fan at your home, which will go a long way in terms of maintaining the overall integrity of your electrical system and ceiling structure.

Commercial wiring and electrical work will many times require additional experience and skills beyond what’s typically needed for residential projects. Our team has the industry knowledge and experience, financial resources and overall manpower to complete commercial wiring projects within a client’s budget and on time.

We always guarantee that our commercial work will be completed to the satisfaction of both customers and other contractors. Some of the important factors that we’ll keep in mind while supporting your commercial property include the following:

  • Wire material: Commercial wiring is more out in the open as compared to residential properties, so this will many times change how the wires are protected and installed.
  • Ease of access: Aesthetics aren’t as important within many commercial properties as compared to homes, and this is why it’s important for electricians to be able to easily access your commercial property’s wiring in case any issues arise in the future.
  • Phase design and load capacity: Commercial properties always require a lot more power as compared to residential properties, which is why most commercial buildings will utilize a three-phase design to support a commercial occupant’s overall electricity demand.
  • Proper insulation: Insulation is always critical within any project to protect a property’s electrical system from fire risks, and commercial properties require a unique type of insulation due to the need for higher voltages. Commercial wires will typically comprise of a nylon coating that effectively resists heat and protects wires from all sorts of potential corrosion.

Multifamily wiring refers to electrical wiring services in buildings with many different dwelling units, including common examples like condo buildings, townhomes, hotels and retirement communities. There are many unique factors that must be kept in mind during these types of projects, and our team focuses on reliable power supplies throughout a facility and perfect installations.

Some of our top priorities with multifamily wiring projects include the following:

  • Consistent Sustainability And Operation: Regulatory codes and tech improvements are changing all the time with multifamily dwellings, so we’ll be sure that your electrical system is durable and will accommodate your future needs.
  • Proper Wire Length: Improper wire lengths can lead to fire hazards and short circuits, which is why we’ll always abide by the American Wire Gauge (AWG) system. This system helps us determine how much electrical current any particular wire can handle.
  • Bonding And Grounding: This is a safety precaution that protects people from electric shock, and these types of electrical services should always be conducted by our team of expert electricians for you own safety.
  • Balancing Loads: When a property’s circuits are overloaded, it can lead to frequently tripped circuit breakers. These electrical issues are many times caused by high-wattage items that are found all throughout multifamily complexes, so we’ll be sure to install an adequate amount of outlets so that your building can spread out its overall electrical usage.
  • Surge Protection: Electrical work of any kind is always a significant investment for any multifamily building, and surge protectors are one of the most effective defenses against all sorts of potential surges. Our team will ensure that your surge protection devices are appropriate for your specific property.
  • Ingress Protection: Many components of electrical systems are exposed to environmental degradation like condensation and accidental spills, and ingress protection will help protect the overall lifespan of your electrical system’s functionality.

It’s important to ensure that your home is code-compliant, and if you’re purchasing a new home or selling a residential property then one of your biggest considerations will be ensuring that the property’s wiring is up to code. If your home is older, then it’s likely that your wiring isn’t in line with today’s safety restrictions and procedures.

Our team has many years of experience when it comes to whole house rewiring, and we’ll always consider the following when we’re completely your project on budget and on time:

  • Carefully planning out each stage of your rewiring project
  • Providing accurate quotes so you know the exact costs of your project
  • Making sure that you’re continuously updated on the status and overall progress of your project

Upgrading your property’s electrical panel can go a long way towards improving the overall effectiveness and safety of your entire electrical system. All of your utility power will travel into your property directly to your electrical panel, and from there it travels throughout your property to provide you with power where you need it.

Our experienced electricians will help you upgrade or repair your electrical panel unit in a timely fashion, and you should consider panel changes if:

  • Your appliances aren’t running properly
  • You notice frequent circuit breaker malfunctions
  • You notice that your lights aren’t working properly or are randomly dimming

One of the best parts about working with our electrician experts is that we’ve hired the most multifaceted specialists in the region, so you can be rest assured that we’ll be able to support you no matter what type of service upgrades are needed at your property!

Our electric service upgrades will many times involve a complete replacement of your property’s electrical system. This can include upgrading your meter base, entrance cable, weather head, load side service entrance cable, bonding and grounding system, and your electrical panel.

Some of the common benefits of electrical service upgrades include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Increased capacity
  • Added convenience
  • Expanding your electrical applications throughout your home
  • Increasing property and resale value

Some of the common warning signs you should keep in mind when it comes to needing an inspection from one of our specialists include:

  • Feeling a tingling sensation when you touch an outlet
  • Frequently dimming or flickering lights
  • Frequent fuse box blows or circuit breaker panel trips
  • Outlets/appliances producing a burning smell
  • Outlets overheating, melting or looking warped
  • Your home not containing any GFCI outlets
  • Your property doesn’t contain enough outlets for your unique needs

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