Service Install and Upgrades

Our electric service upgrades will many times involve a complete replacement of your property’s electrical system. This can include upgrading your meter base, entrance cable, weather head, load side service entrance cable, bonding and grounding system, and your electrical panel. There are some cases where you may need a temporary service.

Some of the common benefits of electrical service upgrades include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Increased capacity
  • Added convenience
  • Expanding your electrical applications throughout your home
  • Increasing property and resale value

Some of the common warning signs you should keep in mind when it comes to needing an inspection from one of our specialists include:

  • Feeling a tingling sensation when you touch an outlet
  • Frequently dimming or flickering lights
  • Frequently blown fuses or circuit breaker trips


Other Services

Security System Install

Your property’s security system is of course extremely important, which is why it’s crucial to put these installation processes in the hands of experienced electrical specialists. Our team will help you upgrade your security system and make sure it entails some of the cutting-edge technology that’s very popular today.

Lighting Upgrades

We support our clients with all sorts of different lighting upgrades. We’ll help you install layered lighting (ambient, accent, task lighting), energy efficient lighting, smart lighting, dimmers, replacement lampshades and much more. Whether you’re remodeling your property or just making a few minor upgrades, improving the overall lighting of your home can always be beneficial.