Fan Install

Although a lot of people think that they can install their ceiling fans themselves as a form of DIY home improvement project, this is always ill-advised. Fan installations entail many intricate details, particularly when a fixture doesn’t currently exist in the location where you want your ceiling fan.

Our team of expert electricians will help you ensure that every detail is accounted for as we install a new ceiling fan at your home, which will go a long way in terms of maintaining the overall integrity of your electrical system and ceiling structure.


Other Services

Security System Install

Your property’s security system is of course extremely important, which is why it’s crucial to put these installation processes in the hands of experienced electrical specialists. Our team will help you upgrade your security system and make sure it entails some of the cutting-edge technology that’s very popular today.

Lighting Upgrades

We support our clients with all sorts of different lighting upgrades. We’ll help you install layered lighting (ambient, accent, task lighting), energy efficient lighting, smart lighting, dimmers, replacement lampshades and much more. Whether you’re remodeling your property or just making a few minor upgrades, improving the overall lighting of your home can always be beneficial.

Commercial Wiring

Commercial wiring requirements are very different as compared to residential properties, which is why your commercial property will require expert services to ensure proper installation and security measures. We’ll ensure that the wire material and protective tubing is 100% adequate for your unique needs, that your wiring is easily accessible, that your load capacity and phase design works for your electrical demand, and that your commercial wires are effectively insulated and resistant to heat and corrosion damage.

Multifamily Wiring

Multifamily household units like condos, townhomes, senior community centers and hotels will all have their own unique electrical challenges and requirements. Proper wiring, controls and safety devices will ensure property and occupant safety. This will also help avoid circuit overloads, flickering lights and frequent electrical surges. Some of the key priorities for multifamily wiring include continuous sustainability and operation, proper wire length, bonding and grounding, balancing loads, appropriate surge protection and ingress protection.