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About Us

Skills II NV, LLC is a family-owned-and-operated business since 2007. We specialize in all your electrical, general contracting and home improvement needs. We also provide other services that will assist you with your day-to-day needs like our Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP). We only use qualified and quality driven individuals. We believe in quality first and quantity second … keeping your satisfaction in mind at all times. Here at skills II NV, we believe that “Right takes time” and we would appreciate it if you allowed us the opportunity to do it right for you. Right is the only way to go, you have my word on it. 

Our Services

Security System Install
Your property’s security system is of course extremely important, which is why it’s crucial to put these installation processes in the hands of experienced electrical specialists. Our team will help you upgrade your security system and make sure it entails some of the cutting-edge technology that’s very popular today.
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Lighting Upgrades
We support our clients with all sorts of different lighting upgrades. We’ll help you install layered lighting (ambient, accent, task lighting), energy efficient lighting, smart lighting, dimmers, replacement lampshades and much more. Whether you’re remodeling your property or just making a few minor upgrades, improving the overall lighting of your home can always be beneficial.
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Fan Install
Fan installations should never be a DIY project, because there are so many intricate details that go into these types of installation services. Our electrical specialists will ensure that your new ceiling fan looks and functions perfectly for many years to come!
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Commercial Wiring
Commercial wiring requirements are very different as compared to residential properties, which is why your commercial property will require expert services to ensure proper installation and security measures. We’ll ensure that the wire material and protective tubing is 100% adequate for your unique needs, that your wiring is easily accessible, that your load capacity and phase design works for your electrical demand, and that your commercial wires are effectively insulated and resistant to heat and corrosion damage.
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Whole House Rewire
Rewiring your entire home is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment, because you’ll ensure the overall safety of your property. Our whole house rewire services are particularly important for people planning to sell a home, remodeling a home or buying an older home. Some of the common benefits associated with a whole house rewire include being able to expand your home, converting a garage into a living space, increasing overall safety and preventing fires, increasing your property value, developing your overall energy efficiency, and providing more stable electrical power.
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Panel Changes
Although electrical panels will typically last around 20-25 years, there are countless scenarios in which a panel change or upgrade is needed to alleviate any kind of problem with an existing panel. Electrical panels are the very heart of your property’s electrical system, and our specialists will be there for you to ensure the longevity and safety of your property when you’re experiencing issues with your panel.
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Remodeling Projects
Your property’s multi service boxes provide connections at a single location without compromising the overall aesthetics of your electrical system, and these electrical boxes are many times used in locations where high-density applications are necessary. Our team of electrical specialists will be there for you when you need multi service upgrades that are safe and sustainable for decades to come!
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Service Install and Upgrades
Many older homes need electrical service upgrades to properly handle today’s increased electrical requirements, which also makes our service upgrades a safety necessity. Increasing the amount of power that comes into your home is always a major job that our experienced team of electricians can support you with, and if your home is over 30 years old then it may be time to consider an upgrade to your home’s electrical service.
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Why Choose Us

Affordable Pricing

We understand how electrical issues tend to arise at inconvenient times, which is why you can count on our specialists to efficiently schedule your appointment and arrive at your property. We also understand how electrical work may not necessarily fit within your unique budget, which is why we always provide affordable pricing and flexible payment plans to make things easier for you.

Excellent Customer Service

We’ll always get the job done correctly the first time, double-check that everything is 100% functional, and leave your property completely clean. We are very proud of the customer reviews we’ve obtained over the years, and take our commitment to customer service and satisfaction as our top priority!

Safe Work Practices

Our many years of electrical experience allows us to ensure the overall safety of your home or business, and we’ll be perfectly comfortable working with older construction techniques in old buildings to guarantee safe work practices. We’re very familiar with all sorts of possible electrical hazards that must be accounted for, and we’ll provide you with safe electrical services no matter what the age of your property is.

Quality Worksmanship

Our company has been providing electrical services since 2007, so we have the experience to provide all sorts of troubleshooting and creative solutions for your electrical issues and other home improvement needs. We highly value our trustworthiness and overall client courtesy, so you can always know that you’re working with top-notch professionals when you hire us.

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